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Our extensive tooling inventory and in-house die department means rapid turn around for you. Non standard sizes, special shapes, internal or external tooth washers, wave washers... whatever you need in custom stamped washers, MFI can handle it. High volume requirements? No problem.


Cupped washers, sims washers, wave washers, critical thickness, extremely tight dimension tolerances, or any other special needs are all handled with ease at Material Fabricators, Inc. Call us for solutions to your requirements.
We can build tooling for your special needs, if not already in stock, in a matter of hours. In many instances, we have been able to ship product to an existing customer whose inventory was depleted unexpectedly, the same day the order was placed.
We can produce custom washers from any type of material. Paper, neoprene, buna-N, epdm, silicone, teflon, kapton, nylon, cork, felt, wire screen, any metal, etc., you name it, we can make it.